Properties Developed by Nicor Developments Inc.


o 1375 Broad Street - Regina, SK

· Client: Wudvue Co-Ownership

· Description: Redevelopment of 1912 warehouse 
             building into a retail strip mall (30000 sf.)


o 2343-47 Cornwall Street - Regina, SK

· Client: Dewdney Square Properties Inc.

· Description: House Form Commercial (3600 sf.)


o Ackerman Building – 2128 Dewdney Avenue - Regina, SK

· Client: Dewdney Square Properties Inc.

· Description: Designated Heritage 1910 Warehouse redeveloped
             as "loft" condominiums combined with main floor commercial
             (30000 sf.)


o Armstrong Smyth Building – 1834 Scarth Street - Regina, SK

· Client: Heritage Designated Downtown property redeveloped
             as an office/ residential condominium project (6000 sf.)


o The Balfour – 2305 Victoria Avenue - Regina, SK

· Client: Balfour Apartments Limited Partnership

· Description: Previously designated heritage apartment building
             and developed as 70 unit condominium complex


o Bartleman Apartments – 2201 – 14th Avenue - Regina, SK

· Client: Bartleman Apartments (1998) Inc.

· Description: Designated heritage apartment building
             redeveloped as a 30 unit residential condominium complex


o Donahue Building – 2314 – 11th Avenue - Regina, SK

· Client: Wudvue Co-Ownership

· Description: Obsolete downtown designated heritage office
             building redeveloped as office/ classroom space (28000 sf.)


o Leader Building – 1853 Hamilton Street - Regina, SK

· Client: designated downtown heritage building being
             redeveloped as an office/ residential condominium complex
             (35000 sf.)


o Mitchell Building – 1856 Scarth Street - Regina, SK

· Client: 596493 Sask Ltd.

· Description: Designated downtown heritage building
             redeveloped as a retail/ office project (5000 sf.)


o Nicol Court – 2398 Scarth Street - Regina, SK

           · Client: Courtland Management Ltd.

· Description: House Form Commercial (6000 sf.)


o Old T.D. Banking Building – 1822 Scarth Street - Regina, SK

· Client: Harvard Developments Inc.

· Description: Retail/ Office/ Pedway, Re-Use Project


o The "Pink House" – 2354 Cornwall Street - Regina, SK

· Client: Transition Area Community Society

· Description: Heritage House Form Commercial Demonstration


o Strathdee Centre – 2206 Dewdney Avenue - Regina, SK

· Client: Dewdney Square Properties Inc.

· Designated heritage warehouse redeveloped as a retail/ office
             condominium complex


o Willoughby Duncan Building – 1839 Scarth Street - Regina, SK

· Designated downtown heritage building redeveloped as a
             retail/ residential condominium


o Neill Place 4,5, and 6 Neill Place - Regina, SK

· Client: Dewdney Square Properties Inc.

· Description: Condominium redevelopment integrating new
             construction with existing development


o Westfield Twins 2830 Gordon Road - Regina, SK

· Client: Westfield Twin Apartments.

· Description: 142 Unit Apartment Complex Redevelopment


o Climate-Controlled Walkways/Scarth St. Enhancement - Regina, SK

· Client: Scarth Street Mall Property Owners.

· Description: Analyze options available for north/south walkway                  links on Scarth Street and make recommendation to                
             owners. Make representation to Working Committee on behalf  
             of owners. Prepare proposal appropriate process for    
             implementation of Enhancement Study.


C.P.R. Station - Moose Jaw, SK

· Client: City of Moose Jaw

· Description: Reuse study for redevelopment as multi-use


Scarth Street Facade 1800 and 1900 Blocks of Scarth St. - Regina, SK

· Client: Regina's Market Square.

· Description: Implementation of a Façade Restoration Program







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